Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Piano Wednesdays

This is Angie. She is goes to our church and is in our small group and has the world's most infectious smile. She also comes over every Wednesday afternoon to give Tessa an at-home piano lesson. She's been teaching her since March and Tessa is catching on pretty well. She can play a few short songs and likes to do duets with her teacher.

Angie also gives her a piece of candy for every minute of practice she did during the week. 32 minutes of practice? 32 skittles. No wonder Tessa likes piano

I caught their picture by surprise and I'm pretty certain Tessa is not sitting in proper playing form. Oh well...

While Angie is teaching Tessa, her two girls play with me and Charley. Usually we go out to the playground, have a little snack and tell knock knock jokes. Today Charley and 4 year old Lydia discussed their wedding plans again. He told her that when they get married he will kiss her and then give her a baby.
Uh....that sounds almost accurate. How did he figure that out?

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