Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation in Colorado

Even though we left for our Colorado vacation almost exactly a month ago, better late than never with picture posting right?

To save money, we decided to make the 17 hour car ride. Honestly it wasn't bad. We borrowed a DVD player from a friend which was SO helpful for the kids. I didn't take any pictures of the road trip but I'm sure you can imagine after movie, food wrappers, pillows, bickering, comedy central radio, coffee, sunglasses. And ta-da, suddenly we were in Boulder!

We spent 3.5 days in Boulder visiting one set of grandparents and the same amount in Breckenridge visiting the other. They kept us nice and busy (and sometimes worn out!) and we all had a great time.

We hung out in Grammie's garden.

Visited a goat farm.
Ate Ethiopian food.

Wiggled loose teeth.

Rode the lawn tractor.

And celebrated my birthday

We swang on the chairlift swing in the yard.
Went panning for gold.

Rode the gondola up the ski mountain every single day. It's free!

Rode the roller coaster on top of the ski mountain, for $25 a ride.

Saw a mountain side kid's play and went shopping around town.

And took a car ride to the top of the world.

When it was all over we drove the 17 hours back and came home for 2 days to do laundry, mow and repack and then we headed to the lake for the 4th. Two weeks of vacationing! It was fun but that was certainly long enough. We were ready to get back into the groove and routine of home. The road trips went pretty well though and may be our mode of travel for the foreseeable future.

Summer of 2014?....DISNEY! (at least I hope, that's the plan of the moment).

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