Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fish Eye...You Know, For Posterity.

Yesterday Tessa got very emotional about getting older and 'losing all her memories'. She cried, BIG tears and said she didn't remember what we did the summer she was 3, the summer she was 4, and 5, etc.

Since we have both a treasure trove of pictures and Jeremy's amazing slideshows, I simply asked her what she wanted to know about and showed. Right there I could see the benefit of all this photo cataloging. Not only do I forget, so do they. And in the digital age, why not capture what you can? Unless I'm starting to annoy my Facebook friends, then of course I'll stop.

Looking at the slideshow reminded me that I need to step it up on picture taking this summer. I've been purposefully slacking on the blog a bit as a vacation to myself, but I've also been missing a few things.

Here is our afternoon at the post-swimming playground and dinner caught in the fish -eye and miniature settings on my camera. You know, for posterity.

See how that big tooth on the left is now kind of cock-eyed? It's SO close to falling out

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Jersey Mama said...

Dena was SO sad to turn six. She cried big tears too. She said five was her favorite age. It's funny what goes on in their heads!