Monday, July 08, 2013

Tessa Goes to Camp

Blog, what blog? That's the way it feels lately anyway. I haven't written anything is almost a month, which may be an all time record. I think I'll blame our back to back road trips combined with the laziness of a quick mobile upload when I have something to share. I know...I once promised that I wouldn't allow Facebook to affect my ability to do good hair blogs.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago now, Tessa went to a camp! 

It was a sports themed Christian Day camp held over at the facility where the kids used to do preschool. This 'brand' of camp is all over the Midwest. 9am-4pm every day and it wore Tessa OUT. Rope and rock climbing, water play, rappelling, competitive games, crazy songs, bible study and lots of sunscreen.

She loved it, even though there were a few days that she dragged her feet. I think that was mostly due to exhaustion. At the end of the week they gave each kid a biblical character trait (much like they did at her Kindergarten graduation). Tessa's was determination.

Can you see the determination in her rope climbing face? I think they hit the nail on the head.

As soon as camp wrapped up at 4pm the last day, we loaded into the car and started on a 1,000 mile road trip. More on that to come....

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