Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween Baby!

Hello All!
I haven't blogged in a while, although there's not much to report. Things are going just fine, feeling pretty good nowadays. I'll be 4 months next week!

Jeremy's in Switzerland right now, which makes his 26th country visited. Wish I could go with, but that would require both money and days off, so oh well...holding down the fort as usual.

I have gained 10lbs since the beginning of pregnany and I'm pretty sure that about 5lbs of that is just from eating too much junk food the past two weeks. I suddenly become pretty picky and only want "comfort foods", buying things I wouldn't normally buy (like nacho cheese). So I need to stop that...gaining too much too quickly!!

In honor of Halloween I thought I'd share some cute pics of cute goblins I know. Just think- this time next year Bambino could be dressed as a pumpkin- wow! Gracie, who is pictured below was born on 4/24/06 (exactly one year before our due date) so that's some perspective...she looks so BIG!!

Melissa's kids Gracie and Nicolas- Bambino will be exactly Gracie's size next Halloween!

Don't mess with these Deputies- they'll throw you in the slammer!
Our nephews Mark (left) and Bob

Our neice Vicki as a scary witch!

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