Monday, November 20, 2006

Pictures and Things

18 week belly shot. Not the greatest picture but you can see the bump!

Now's HERE's a good picture! Jeremy tested the stroller out on our current "babies". Hayden doesn't look too happy.

Well as you can see things are moving along well and Jeremy's starting to play with the new 'toys' in the house. Yesterday he and Dustin moved furniture out of the 'palm tree room' and into the 'purple room' the palm tree room is officially the nursery! Which at the moment is a collection of a few things, a stroller and a rocking chair. No crib yet- but we have one picked out!

We're getting ready for our trip to NYC for Thanksgiving- so excited! I'll be on a plane for the first time since April, so I'm happy to get out of IN. We'll be staying with Jeremy's sister and apparently watching the parade from a roof top along the parade route where we won't have to deal with crowds! I'll be watching what I eat but know we will enjoy some good food- nobody goes hungry with Jessie!

Last week I signed up for our Expectant Parents class and a Breastfeeding class at the hospital. We'll be taking these in January. Hopefully I'll learn all I need to know- and maybe be able to decide against drugs or natural- who knows?

I also got a book called "what to expect the first year". I figured we've been studying our Pregnancy Bible so much- it's time to learn about what happens after! Also this week we are going to start reading Shakespeare outloud at night- as the baby can now hear us! Jeremy wanted something funny so we're starting with Much Ado About Nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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