Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Recomendation

This book was my airplane reading for our trips, and I still have a ways to go in it. But from what I have read I have to say that *all* expectant moms (planning natural childbirth or not) should read it. It's a fabulous book!

It's written by a midwife and pyschologist and focuses on preparing for natural childbirth, but aside from that has alot of great tips on how to listen to your body, confront your fears about labor, and make sure your wants will be met when talking to your doctors about your plans.

Most importantly it talks about getting yourself in the right frame of mind about labor, and remembering that your body is designed to do this. It helps you think about how you plan to deal with the pain, and how your husband will help you cope with the pain....there are also little cheat cards for Jeremy to take with him to the hospital on how to help and what questions to ask docs.

So we're still planning NCB and this book is just helping us think about it. Hopefully all these great ideas won't get thrown out the window on labor day but if they do, please making fun of me! :)

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