Monday, February 26, 2007

Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower 2/24/07

Wow how time has flown, and Saturday was time for our baby shower! It was also exactly 8wks from our declared due date of 4/24/07...eeek!!

Thanks to everyone who attended and literally showered us with gifts- we are so grateful for all of the great baby gear we received! We really do have almost everything we need for Pebbles to live here....not to mention she is going to be the most stylin girl in Greenwood this summer!! We will have to be sure to get out on the town, or at least the neighborhood, to show off some of her fancy outfits.
A special thanks to my hostess with the most-est, Erin, for throwing such a great party! We had a fun time opening gifts, playing bingo and chit chatting....but unfortunately never got the baby food tasting game. Is it a coincidence that everyone left at about that time?...I think not ;)

'Mamaw Terri' , Me and 'Mom-Mom'

A flamingo bib from my cousin Amanda in Florida- almost too cute to use!

Smile! Me with Pebbles' Aunt Becky and Melissa

3.75 generations of Creech women

An embarassment of riches- before the unwrapping began

Snacks.............and Presents!

Just one example of the many fabulous outfits Pebbles will have to wear this summer!

Mamaw had a very special gift for us- keepsakes from her baby shower for my Mom's birth in 1952 including: a copy of the invitation, a shawl that Papaw had sent to the shower for her, two tiny dresses that were my Mom's, and a picture of her in one of them when she was a little baby. That Mamaw sure does know how to make ladies eyes well up!

And finally, I've had demands for more updates on belly shots. I'm kinda getting scared of looking at these pictures myself, so maybe I'll have Jeremy post them from now on. I would also like to note disclaimer that this was very much a 'pregnant shirt' so my hugeness is partially optical illusion. But here you go.....

32 Week Belly shot

to everyone who made this a special day for us!!