Monday, March 05, 2007

Our Will be Done...

I had mentioned to Jeremy about doing a will sometime now that we are real grownups with assets and a soon to be child. I thought this would be a long process involving lawyers and everything, but guess what? can do a will online in an afternoon for $30!

So we really are real grownups because we completed it this weekend, as well as a 'durable power of attorney financial', a 'durable power of attorney health care'....and something else I can't remember the name of. After chinese and a movie we had our friends sign as our third party witnesses that we were of sound mind (which I believe to be highly subjective). We just need a notary stamp on the money one and we're done!

We made another trip to Babies R Us for a few last essential peices we were missing and guess what...I think we're about done buying baby supplies! We got a changing pad, diaper pails, manual breast pump, disposable diapers, plus things like wipes, shampoo, desitin, etc. Now we just need to make a trip to the pharmacy for my postpardum essentials (I won't go into detail).

I must be nesting because everything we bought or got as shower gifts is now washed and neatly put away- so our nursery is done...yay!

Pebbles and I are doing well. I'm starting to get more and more tired as the days go on. I think that burst of energy you get in the middle is officially long gone. I'm also starting to understand what women mean when they say that you'll be uncomfortable in your own skin....and I know it's going to get worse! We have a check up on Thursday- pretty soon will be going every week!

That's all for now- Ciao!

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