Wednesday, March 14, 2007

interesting website and products

Since I know alot of my friends and readers are mommies or expectant mommies (June-Nov 07 seems to be the hot time to have babies!), I thought I'd share a website and some products I am going to try.

I am a tea drinker and was looking a postpartum recovery tea that I had heard of. It's just herbal tea but chalked full of the stuff an ailing mommy needs. Since I drink tea I figured why not?

Well I found a great website that sells all kinds of organic/herbal products for preggos, new moms and babies. Check it out!

I will be purchasing the Postpartum Tea as well as a Postpartum bath soak. Cool huh?

This herbal blend of organic stinging nettle, organic raspberry leaf, organic alfalfa, organic oatstraw , organic lavender, organic lemon balm, organic cinnamon and, of course, organic lady's mantle . It's rich in valuable minerals iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus necessary for postpartum mamas. And its astringent herbs help tone the uterus, reduce uterine bleeding, and all the while, helping to calm and balance brand new mamas.


BrookZ said...

Hey this is interesting, what kind of tea do you normally drink? I actually have just started drinking tea, I am trying the decaf varieties right now.

One other question- are you going with organic baby food when the times comes or making your own or just the regular stuff?

LauraB said...

Hey Brook!,
Jasmine Green Teas is my fave but hard to find (I think they have at Target sometimes). For caffeine I like Lavender Earl Grey or I have some Jasmine White Tea.

For decaf- decaf Constant Comment is the best! It's cinnamon and orange flavored. MMM...I don't like fruity teas or anything too sweet.

I think I OD'd on chamomile tea in the first trimester but it really does settle your stomach!!

I don't know about organic baby food- depends on the price though. I would be more tempted to make my own in a blender. We'll have to see!

Bobbi said...

With Bailey we made our own baby food. We found a great baby food blender on babycenter (I think). It is electric (unlike the hand crank kind that seems to be everywhere) which will save you some work. The only problem you have to really keep in mind is that typically during cooking, most adults add oils and spices that a baby's tummy isn't used to!