Monday, March 26, 2007

Tea Tip #2

I sound like a tea pusher with yet another tea recomendation. In my last post I was trying to find ways to reduce swelling. Someone suggested I try drinking Yogi's "Mother to Be Tea", which helps with swelling, nausea and energy.

Along with the other things I'm doing (water, feet elevation and lukewarm baths), I've also been drinking my tea for 3 days now, and am happy to report everything is working. Not only can I wiggle my toes (which I couldn't last Thurs), yesterday I think I glimpsed my ankle bone!!

The tea is pretty yummy too and does lots of good things for the pregnant body. No worries this is doctor approved (unlike my postpartum tea that says in bold DO NOT drink while still pregnant!).

Check it out- I found at the 'Nature's Cupbooard' health store in Greeenwood

In other news I forgot to mention that we are now driving around with a car seat in our car. Crazy huh? I guess it's best to be prepared!!

Also this weekend I started packing my hospital bag. There's lots of things like toiletries and clothes I can't pack until we get closer, but I have some. Pebbles bag is packed too with her two coming home outfit choices (one is Newborn, one is 0-3 mo in case she's big!). I need to load up Jeremy's Ipod with my labor music too!

On Sunday we made some homeade bbq and crab soup to freeze for later. Both are low cal recipes so we can try to eat healthy after baby. Boy do we have alot of crab soup!! Jeremy froze 6 containers of it!

Happy Monday!

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BrookZ said...

I will have to check this tea out thanks! Can you send me the recipe for your crab soup, sounds yummy!