Thursday, March 08, 2007

doctor checkup

I had my 33 wk doctor's appointment today. After waiting an hour, I got in for my usual 10 minutes. I made the mistake of using the bathroom in the waiting room and wouldn't you know it then they called my name and it was sample time!...I should have just held on. So I had to drink some water and wait for a sample- which only took like 2 minutes. I guess next time I have to go while waiting I'm supposed to tell the desk nurse I need to go pee pee and they'll give me a cup...who knew.

Anyway here are the stats:
Blood pressure- 110/70, again dubbed 'beautiful' (I don't really know what BP numbers mean so I just believe them)
Weight- I've gained NO weight since the last appt- yay! Holding steady at 25 lbs
Heartbeat- Pebbles hearbeat was right around 150 bpm which is good
Baby Size- She's measuring right at 33-34 weeks- meaning unless something changes she will be an average size baby- not too big or small

We have one more two week interval then start weekly doctor's appts. At 36 weeks they will do an ultrasound to check her position and also start on those gory details checks...which might be TMI for the blog :)

It's a little overwhelming that this pregnancy has been so textbook. We have certainly been blessed. I could start to become paranoid that something will go wrong since it's been so good thus far, but what would be the point of that. Let's continue to think positively and keep it all in God's hands!

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