Friday, March 30, 2007

Lastest Doctor Report

We had our 36 wk doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Not alot to report but here's the scoop

  • I'm still pretty swollen but better than I was. I should keep doing the same things to reduce sodium and water weight. And while I was sure that the reduce in swelling would have led to a weight loss this week....alas no, I gained 3 more lbs :( So total I have gained around hoo! ....and 12lbs of that was in the past 3 wks....waaah!! Stupid water weight!

  • Baby's heartbeat was great as usual. The doctor felt around and guessed that Pebbles might currently be 6.5-7 lbs right we're probably looking at 8-8.5 lbs by the end. This is just her guess of course, they have no way of measuring (since we are getting no more ultrasounds)

  • I got checked for the first time for progression and can report that while I am 50% effaced, the shop is still closed for business if you know what I mean. While I know some people are interested in these kind of stats maybe some aren' future blogs should I have a portion labeled ***TMI section- read at your own risk*** ??

  • Of the 5 docs in the practice I can say this week's (who we met for the first time) was the only one I didn't care for. She smirked at our plans for natural childbirth, and smirked again when I said I thought the tea was helping with my swelling. She just rubbed us both the wrong way, but hey if her lottery number comes up at delivery time, so be it! Her smirking did lead us both back to studying our birthing book and we plan to practice some pain techniques this weekend.

And that's about it! We've been chilling out alot at home and ticking the last few things off of our to do lists. It's hard to believe there will be a baby here soon!!

Jeremy got the lawn mower out for the fist time this week, as it's finally that time of year in IN. He is headed out for two days in CA next week which I think will be fine as the baby is showing no signs of arriving just yet.

Happy Friday!


BrookZ said...

Which doctor was it? What is your doctor's name again?

LauraB said...

Doctor Smit. Bowers is my regular one, and I like him the best of the five. You're with Debikey right? I like her too.

I guess we take what we can get at delivery time...I'll just have my secret preferences! :)