Friday, March 23, 2007

well isn't that SWELL?

I guess it's fair to say not every doctor's appointment can be perfect.

We had our 35 wk appt yesterday and while baby is doing well (great heartbeat, average size), doctor was a little concerned about my swelling and rapid weight gain-- 9lbs in two weeks! Eeek! Since I had been doing so well on weight and my legs are like tree trunks she concluded it's probably all water weight.

I knew my legs had swollen up alot so she took a look and agreed they were pretty big, especially my 'cankles' and feet. Yesterday I noticed that after 9lb Rosie had her foot on my calf for a minute while I was stretched out on the couch, the impression of her paw on my leg lingered for several minutes after. It was kinda funny actually, but weird too.

Doctor is not yet very concerned but I need to work on reducing my water rentention or at least not let it get too much worse. If it gets notably worse they will of course be looking for toxemia/pre-eclampsia. So here's my plan of action:
  • lots of water, and replacing my diet rite, Odouls and cranberry juice with just plain water :(
  • reduce salt intake- meaning less Lean Cuisine lunches!
  • walking some every day- if it's raining then do laps in the hallway at work, and increase walking by going to the 'far away' bathroom down the hall. I already park at the furthest away parking spot for this reason, always have.
  • elevating feet when possible- still working on a setup for my desk that's actually comfortable
  • take a lukewarm/tepid bath at night... not hot. Tepid is supposed to draw out sodium and water

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