Thursday, November 15, 2007


As if cloth diapers, breastfeeding and pureeing baby food didn't make our house messy enough I thought I'd get Tessa one of those mesh feeder things. Basically you put food in it and they suck on it through a tiny mesh bag. It's not really for eating- just so they can try new flavors and practice feeding themselves. Plus good for teething!

So the pics above are of her trying some turkey! (and now she's all sticky and her and her walker stink of poultry) I bought a single serving turkey breast and pureed and froze it tonight so she'll have some for next week...I figure our kitchen will be busy enough making food for 20+ guests without trying to blend up baby food.
She seemed to like the turkey and really liked chomping on it. She held onto it for about 2 hrs which I think it a record given how she loves to throw things. It made the dogs NUTS but hey they have to get used to her holding food, right?

Here's a pic I thought I'd share of some of the things Tessa's crazy parents put her through. She was getting undressed for bedtime the other night and her clothes somehow turned into a superbaby costume...

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Anonymous said...

I remember her mommy wearing pants on her head too!!

Mamaw Terri