Thursday, November 08, 2007

Growing Girl, Shrinking Storage

Tessa and I were just cleaning out her closet and we have officially filled up her first rubbermaid storage container :( It contains baby clothes from Newborn through 6 months. She is now into 6-9 month clothes so it was time to once again weed out those that were too small. Especially since I noticed that last night's sleeper was so tight I could hardly zip it!

I looked in her drawer of 'big clothes' and found a bunch of new stuff that's 6-9 month that she hasn't worn yet. Isn't nice to find things you forgot you had? I set aside a couple of special things to save, pulled out some things that were stained and the rest will be saved to be reused for future babies or maybe that little *girl* we hope that Becky is cooking :)

FYI if anyone is wanting to buy Tessa cute little clothes for Christmas she would like 9-12 month size or bigger.

I thought I'd leave you with a look back on one of the special little dresses we are saving. I had to dig for a picture, but here is one from when Tessa was about 2 wks old.

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