Friday, May 14, 2010

Play Day with Mommy

What's the best part about living 25 min from the nation's largest Children's Museum and having a membership? That we can ditch big sister at preschool and have a Mommy and Charley play day!
Yes I'm schvetzing in this pic don't even get me started on my hormones.
We've never done it before but yesterday was a fun first time, just us. Our weekly schedule had been designed for cleaning and chores while Tessa was gone, and that just wasn't working well, so we tweeked a few things. Charley needs some one on one time too, although he almost never gets any!

Charley is the perfect age for their huge toddler area, called the Playscape. He loved playing with water, sand (and thanks to the genius who put those two right next to each other) and many other tot friendly toys.

he LOVED the tunnels

For lunch I gave him the opportunity to enjoy some packaged yummy goodness....

but he wanted very little to do with it, and opted instead to eat most of my fruit
We also went on the carousel but those pics were all very dark. I'm not sure if he liked that part or not. Mostly he was stunned.

On the way out, we got big sis a magnifying glass at the gift shop and she was SO happy. She kept saying 'dank you Chawley!, dank you!'.....but in all fairness I'm not sure she knew what she missed because I told her we had gone to a babies only museum, tee hee.

Thanks to my big guy for such a nice day!


TLS said...

Good for you two!

Eva said...

He's getting so big! He doesn't look like a baby anymore!