Monday, May 03, 2010

Who Knew?

Trader Joe's, what's not to love? Perhaps the world's best grocery store. Tons of healthy stuff, organics, gourmet creations, good wine and surprisingly excellent prices. Plus the staff wears Hawaiian shirts! (one time I wore a shirt from our honeymoon to Hawaii in a TJ's and got asked lots of customer questions)

We've been faithful patrons for years. When we lived in CA we did almost all of our grocery shopping there. Unfortunately our closest TJ's is a 40 minute drive, but we still visit from time to time, armed with insulated freezer bags.

I thought I knew everything about TJ's and their products until the last time we were there when a staff asked Tessa if she had found the monkey. Monkey?? They informed us that every day the staff hides a plush monkey somewhere in the store and if a child finds it, they get a treat.

Really?...In all of my years of shopping at TJ's have I never seen a monkey? I really need to start paying better attention to my surroundings!

So when we went out on one of our periodic 'Northside Saturdays' (think TJ's, spice shop, Pier One, Vietnamese food), Tessa and I had a mission. Trader Joes was really crowded so it took us a long time to navigate and search. We covered the whole store at least three times while Tessa yelled out 'monkey monkey, where are you?....ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah!'.

Finally we found it way up high behind some cashews and Tessa got a free candy bar, a very big deal to a three year old.

It got me thinking about other things I never knew about until I was a mother...

-- pregnant and toddler parking at some grocery stores
-- Target and Meijer bakeries give free cookies to kids
-- Dum Dum suckers are EVERYWHERE
-- The riding toys at Meijers are only a Babies R Us they are $1.50
-- Asian restaurants have special 'training' chopsticks for young kids
-- The majority of my fellow moms drive vans whose doors open automatically,and those of us with traditional doors are in the minority
-- Ironically many baby clothing stores are not suited for stroller traffic
-- the cry room at church can be a crowded and social place
-- Waiters will always bring a kid's menu and crayons, even if your child is a sleeping 3 month old
-- It's socially acceptable to change a diaper ANYWHERE (same goes for breastfeeding)

I know there are more, but I can't think of them right now. If I do, I'll add on!

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Mandy Leahy said...

It always used to crack me up when waiters would size Robbie up and say, "Do you need a kid's menu?" We would politely reply, "No thanks. He's only a few months old. All he eats is formula. But thanks."

As for mom finds, I was shocked at how many people will wait on you to struggle with a stroller, purse, diaper bag, shopping bags, etc trying to get through a door instead of just holding it open for you.