Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Proud Mommy Moment

Yesterday Tessa's preschool teacher was all apologetic over a snack mixup in which somebody else got Tessa's veggie booty, and she got their fruit snacks. Miss Cindy was worried that Tessa was on some junk food free diet, based on her typical lunch selections.

I assured her that no Tessa has her fair share of junk food, but secretly smiled to myself as she commended Tessa's healthy lunch bag and good eating habits. She said Tessa's lunch was always the healthiest, and my heart swelled with joy!

I may be an overweight Mom who appreciates the occasional chicken strip and glass of wine (not usually at the same time), but don't let the appearance fool you into thinking we run an unhealthy household.

My goal was always to have kids with a healthy well balanced appetite, and when they grew older not afraid to try new things. Partially because I want healthy kids, and more so because Jeremy and I enjoy all kinds of cuisine and would like our kids to join us in that. Meaning...we're not giving up sushi for Applebees without a fight!

I think the trick is to start them with a variety of foods as young as possible.

And encourage them to learn about food and cooking

We also let them try all sorts of things if they want to, operating under the rule that there is no such thing as 'kid food

And they know that what they get is what they get, like it or not. Of course they are kids so there are somethings they don't like. For instance throwing some peas into the Tessa's mac and cheese did NOT go over well....she couldn't get over the fact that there was something fundamentally wrong with her Kraft dinner (Charley on the other hand, loved it)

When we went in for Tessa's 3 year well check on Friday I didn't even realize that we had her there only once in her second year of life and it was for her busted toenail. She's had a few colds but nothing doctor worthy, even following the start of preschool. Of course I can't say for sure that good food is what makes her healthy, but I think it certainly helps.

So when Miss Cindy compliments me on Tessa's healthy habits, my cold heart can't help but grow three sizes. That's my girl!

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phasejumper said...

The second picture with the chopsticks cracks me up! What is the green stuff that Tessa is cutting? and eating? I'm with you on the healthy stuff-W eats what he is given and has gotten used to green chile enchiladas, the texture of tilapia etc. The only food he won't eat is mushrooms!