Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a great week we just had. You'll have to excuse my lack in posting as I was distracted by one of my favorite visitors, Aunt Jessie (Jeremy's sister). She was in town again all of that to follow soon!

Yesterday we had to bid her an early farewell before heading to church for Easter service and then down south to family festivities in North Vernon. What perfect weather for some outdoor time and an egg hunt.

We ate of course...ham and fixings, deviled eggs and angel food cake. I'm hoping that the walk up to the pond and back burned all those calories, but somehow I'm doubtful.

After that is was time to hunt and play!

I know one little girl who loves playing with her baby cousins

The hiders hard at work, the more creative the better (although I was sure that Bill's shimmy up at 20 ft bird feeder was bound to land him in the NV hospital)

The hunters at the ready

After the egg hunts at preschool and church, Tessa was a pro and meant business. She was upset when it was over even though her basket was overflowing.

David liked popping them open and eating the treats

Charley preferred to stay put and have a ball with some Easter grass

Do you think she has enough?

Mom brought along some balloon rockets that were hours of fun, even for the grownups. I wonder now how Mamaw's going to get the balloons off her roof though.

Tessa and her great-Mamaw

Tessa introducing Charley to peeps. He wasn't quite sure if he liked them but he liked pulling them apart and licking them.

Three generations

Tessa played hide and seek with Ashley. She doesn't quite understand how it works but loves to play. She likes to just run around the house counting and then scream 'I see you!'

Doesn't Jeremy look kinda cool here? Ah, the art of illusion :)

David, almost 2

Later the boys went fishing at the pond while Tessa stayed in and played dollhouse

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phasejumper said...

Fantastic pictures! I was going to list my favorites, but the more I scrolled down, the more good ones there were!