Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Today the older girls at Tessa's ballet school put on Swan Lake at the high school auditorium and I just knew Tessa would love it. Problem was Jeremy was on a rail car trip with Andy, and every other Charley babysitter I could think of was also already engaged.

And then I thought of Becky who never gets to do girly things in her testosterone filled household. So I invited her to take Tessa to Swan Lake while I watched Charley and David (the older boys were also riding the rails). What a great idea, and both were excited.

And now I must issue an apology to Becky for Tessa's very loud and public meltdown that occurred about an hour into Swan Lake, resulting in their leaving the show early. What came over her, I couldn't say....but apparently "I want my Mommy" was the phrase of the day. So sorry also to the patrons of Swan Lake for the apparently ear piercing interruption.

And thanks again Aunt Becky for taking her. At bedtime I asked Tessa what her favorite part of the day was and she said 'seeing ballerinas with Becky' she must have had fun!

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