Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet Poppy

I have a friend at church who is possibly the craftiest person I know. I'm pretty sure she could make anything she put her mind to. She could probably craft a fully operational car out of wool.

Well she made a little doll for her daughter that is so cute, and when Erin saw it one time she kept talking about how much she loved it. So I commissioned my very crafty friend to make us a doll!

Yesterday we went to visit Aviana and family, and surprised her with Poppy...her very own one of a kind original handmade doll.
She has wool hair and colorful clothes, and is just the perfect baby size. Tessa was very very excited to present Poppy to Aviana. She held her in the car all the way there.

Avi was so happy that she gave me a good cuddle as a thank you (that's Tessa's hair bow she was borrowing)

Avi and her new friend.

If only I were as crafty as my friend. I think I would *like* to be crafty but put no effort into doing so. Knitting, sewing and things like that both intrigue and scare me at the same time. Maybe I just need to find my medium?

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Cindy said...

That baby is so cute - and look at that hair! You can be crafty too, Laura. It is hard to find the time when your kids are small.