Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hold On For a Picture Overload!

Yesterday afternoon we had Tessa's 3rd birthday party at a local park. Given our recent 80 degree temps we were all a little surprised at how chilly and windy it was. So windy that the balloons kept popping...but perfect weather for kids running around and playing.

Tessa was so excited all day. We started the day with a special breakfast at Sophia's, then Jeremy took Charley to baby gym while Tessa and I picked up our bug cupcakes. She was so excited at the 'cupcake store', I thought she might pee her pants.

After everyone got a good nap, we headed to the park!

Tessa wanted a Sid the Science Kid party, hence the bug cupcakes

Eventually I gave up on the balloons after the wind popped like 6 of them

Tessa got a special Sid shirt to wear and I got her matching hairbows on Ebay. See me torturing her by doing her hair. Beauty is pain sister!

Tessa practiced making three fingers

The kids loved being outside on the playground

and Charley loved the balloons!

Tessa got a bike from us. We don't have a trike so I wasn't sure she'd know what to do, but she hopped right on with confidence and took off!

She kept saying "look guys, watch dis!"

Some our favorite people came to celebrate

I hid a bunch of toys around the shelter and the kids did a Sid scavenger hunt for science-like things...toy magnifying glasses, dinosaurs and bubbles. They got to keep their loot as their party favor.

Tessa picked a spider cupcake

it was so windy that the flame only held for like 3 seconds

the cupcakes were a hit, money well spent!

What kind of silly Mommy chooses the green icing to give the baby, instead of white? Oops.

thanks for all the wonderful gifts!
Mommy's first thought is reorganizing and purging some old toys to make more room. I'm a little OCD like that.

When we got home I thought she would want to ride her bike up the street but she was too tired. She did play with her new Little Mermaid bubble machine for a long time though.

Rachel tried pop rocks and couldn't get enough!

Mamaw and two of her great grandkids

A perfect day was had by all!


TLS said...

It was a "Happy Day!"

Meridith said...

It looks like it was such a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tessa! I really liked the green frosting!

You are a great Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Looks like our girl had the best birthday ever! Love the cupcakes and balloons! Smooches to all!

phasejumper said...

Awesome party! I love the family picture at the end!