Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Lulla Playlist

Since Charley has stopped nursing he requires a little extra attention at bedtime. Sticking a boob in his mouth and watching Jeopardy just doesn't cut it anymore. Alot of parents read books at bedtime but you know me, I sing. Jeremy can't remember enough lyrics to sing, but reading books has become a special thing for him and Tessa. She's become especially fond of Goodnight Moon.

I remember when Tessa was having gas pains as an infant and I used singing to sooth her. But I drew a blank...what songs do I sing? I thought I should sing something lullaby like. But what, that rocka-bye song where the baby falls out of the tree? thanks.

So I drew from my inner playlist on soft soothing songs that I happened to know all the words to. It's random and unique but totally ours. To this day I still rely on a handful of songs at bedtime.

Probably the one I sing the most. Tessa knows it as her special baby song

I love how old this video is but the only one I could find. Indigo Girls songs just make me happy.

Another favorite with a great storyline

I can't leave out musical soundtracks. Your Eyes from Rent makes a great lullaby. Am I nerd that even all these years later, this clip gives me little goosebumps? On this clip the song doesn't actually start until 2:14.

Churchgoers will know this contemporary version of Amazing Grace.

And I don't have any problems singing Christmas music year round. Christmas songs make the best lullabies, and our combined years singing in the PMO Christmas show have given Jer and I both an impressive knowledge of lyrics.

As much as I LOVE (and I do mean passionately) Christmas music, O Holy Night remains my favorite. I just love the dramatic lyrics of the second verse. There go the goosebumps again!


BrookZ said...

loooove grace like rain! did you know chris tomlin and tobymac will be @ the state fair this year?

Marcie said...

We do old hymns for the kiddos' lullabyes. The problem is with the "thee's" and "thou's," which means Asa sings "Great is My Faithfulness" (oh no!) and doesn't know what he's singing half the time. I guess that's okay though. For a while last year, the kids wanted us to make up silly songs about random things. Like doors. And squirrels. I'm glad we're back to hymns.

LeeandLoren said...

So glad to know I'm not the only that doesn't sing actual "lullaby" to my kids! I cheat and play a mixed cd for the kids to listen to as they go to sleep.

phasejumper said...

I had never heard the first two songs...I'm a reader, not a singer, but when W was born I used to sing "You and Me" by Lifehouse.
Love love love Oh Holy Night. What a neat post to look back on when your kids are grown!

TLS said...

I haven't listened to RENT for ages. Brings back good memories with you. Getting out my CD!!!!