Thursday, April 08, 2010

Because I Couldn't Resist

Tessa's 3rd bday is right around the corner and she is getting a bike with training wheels. And she knows it too...every bike we pass she says 'my bike, for my birfday!!', even motorcycles.

I didn't need to buy anything else but couldn't resist this kid sized Ergo, which is the same carrier we use. Only $12.50! She can put dolls in it.

Here's a very unflattering picture of Tessa riding in the real thing. It's the world's best carrier by the way. It goes from infant to I think 40lbs and can be used on front, hip or back and is easy to put on.

We are having her party at a local park with a "Sid the Science Kid" theme, her favorite show. She's asked over and over for a Sid party, so that's what we'll have! I got her a Sid shirt and we'll have a scavenger hunt around the shelter house. And of course I couldn't resist these cupcakes with bugs on them (click #22): Cupcakes

I was considering getting some plastic test tubes from Oriental trading for us to make virgin jello shots, but I've run up my budget already. Oh well, I'm getting excited!

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phasejumper said...

Sounds like a GREAT party! I saw some big magnifying glasses like Sid uses at the Dollar Tree, maybe you could use those for something?