Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I never really thought much about Mother's Day aside from to buy gifts for our Moms. It didn't know how much fun it could be...until I was one! All the husbands I know scramble to make the best weekend for their wife...usually including sleeping in and good food and perhaps a gift.

The ladies on my birth board were all comparing Mom's day stories and I thought it was just so cool. It's like our second Christmas.

Our weekend was busy and fun. Friday I left Jer with the kids for a short while to run over to the chiropractor's office, and came home to this beautiful artwork
See the diamonds? It says "Mom, you are our shining light", and has diamond earrings stuck in! Original artwork by Tessa and Charley. Below is Charley's rendition of the Gulf of Mexico right now.

Saturday, Jeremy and Tessa worked outside in the yard planting our vegetables. Mother's Day is the frost date for Indiana so it's sort of become our yearly tradition. I will post later about our ever expanding garden (and you may wonder if we are going to become urban farmers?)

There were no action shots of the gardening, but here's Tessa with all of her gear.
Saturday night our friends the Chandlers unexpectedly volunteered to babysit and Jeremy went on a date! We were going to go to Bonefish grill but it was crowded with prom goers so we ended up at Melting Pot.

It's a fondue restaurant and I've never been to one (although we have our own dust collecting fondue pot somewhere). It was SO tasty and fun, I didn't want to leave. That might have to become one of our special date places.

Sunday we headed south to visit the family. We celebrated both Mother's Day and the joint birthdays of my brother Andy and his son Bob. It was a perfect day. I love going out to the country (to Becky's parent's house) for their family parties. It's literally a breath of fresh air for us and the kids love it.

I'm trying to pretend I have less's not working

Bob is FIVE, holy crap!

Jeremy and I got a little heated in our foosball game...he didn't expect me to be so good at it.

David, soon to turn 2

Tessa loves to play outside, so she was in heaven all day

Great action shot of Mark

One of the birthday boys

Charley trying desperately not to nap

Cheryl (Becky's Mom) giving Tessa a tutorial on driving the 'tractor'

both birthday boys

Mom getting lemonade spilled on her

For Janet and Barbara, our Colorado Moms, Jeremy had the great idea to send them deliveries of cupcakes from local bakeries. They both loved them! Looks good huh?...makes me want to jump on a plane.

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Cindy said...

I think Charley and David look somewhat alike. Has anyone else ever said that?