Saturday, March 02, 2013

Meet Lily the Plug-In Car

We've had a newly leased car for over a week now and I just rode in it for the first time today. Partially because our family has been sick as dogs with a stomach virus and we didn't want anyone to puke it in, and partially because it spent some of the week parked at the airport waiting for Jeremy to return from his business trip.

So today we finally all got inside her and went for a ride around town.

This is Lily. Jeremy wanted to name her Electra but Tessa chose Lily and well...I guess she won. It's a plug in hybrid Ford C-Maxx. Not purely electric car, a plug in hybrid which regains it's battery charge when we plug it in at night. When it runs out of charge, it runs on a gas engine but sometimes that can take up to a 100 miles before it happens. So gas mileage is our friend!

We've had hybrids for some time now but never a plug in one. It's kind of like a spaceship inside because of it's huge front dash and windows and millions of buttons. I'm assuming when it's time for me to drive it, I'll know what to do.

I wanted to get a picture of me saying farewell to my 8 year old hybrid Escape, Scarlett...but when Jeremy went to trade her in, I was in bed with a fever. She was the greatest Mom-mobile and the car I brought my babies home in. I really do miss her already, but maybe that's just because Lily is such a stranger.

I dug through pictures looking for one of Scarlett and couldn't find much, so this will have to suffice...
She sure was a good car.

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