Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day...Easter Eggs?

Those two things really don't go together, because around here we very rarely have Easter week snow storms. I remember once when I was high school (aka a millions years ago), we had a spring break blizzard. So, I guess it happens.

Tessa's spring break is actually next week so she got her first snow day of the year today! First snow day. March 25th. Really.

Mom is here helping me recover from surgery, so we painted eggs! On a snow day.

I tried to get a view of the snow outside behind them. We got about 7 inches total and still snowing.

If it looks like Tessa is wearing makeup, she is. More easy snow day entertainment. 

We made hard boiled some of the eggs for our small group to eat tonight, but the kids were sad about giving them away. So mom blew out some for us to paint and keep as decoration. Charley was skeptical about the gross factor.


We've made an annual tradition of making silk dyed eggs, but this year we might not be up for it since it's a lot more work. If we get snowed in again next week, though...who knows!

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