Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Make the Perfect Easter Egg

Step 1- Go to Goodwill and buy a bunch of crazy ties. They HAVE to be silk. They only cost $1.50 each.

Step 2- Don't forget to fly Aunt Jessie in just for the occasion....or for any other reason. Beg her to move to Indianapolis, then cut the cotton backing off the ties so you are left with swatches of the silk pattern.

Step 3- Let your little assistant wrap some plastic eggs because this project is not otherwise very kid friendly.

Step 4- Wrap the eggs TIGHTLY in the pieces of patterned silk, tie like candy. To keep from bleeding too much, then wrap them in pieces of white cloth. We used a t-shirt, also purchased at Goodwill.

Step 5- Hard boil the wrapped eggs in water and vinegar. We decided to do more vinegar than our instructions said, 1/2 cup total.

Step 6- Let them cool while chomping at the bit to check them out
Step 7- OOOOH and AHHHH at your beautiful creation. In the boiling process the silk tie pattern transfers to the eggs. Cool cool cool!

Step 8- To make them extra shiny, rub with a dab of oil.

Bonus step- Try doing the same thing with blown eggs. For whatever reason it doesn't work. But, you do end up with pictures like this....

Step 10- Take them to your family's Easter celebration and let everybody OOOOOH and AHHHH over them. Then remind them that despite their beauty, they are meant to be eaten!


Amanda said...

These are sooo cool! I was hoping you'd post a blog entry after the neat pictures you put on facebook yesterday. I'm wondering if this would work to put color on those white plaster/porcelen shapes you can buy at craft stores to paint with acrylic paints (like dogs and cats and stuff, you know?)

Rhonda Smith said...

The end result is beautiful.

phasejumper said...

Those are so cool!