Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rare Enough That I Grabbed the Camera

On non-preschool days, Tessa still takes a nap after lunch. On the days she does have school, she usually just does rest time on the couch (aka, lay and watch a movie)...for fear that an actual nap would be too late in the day and bedtime would be all messed up. You get the gist.

Charley is currently addicted to sitting on his potty and watching old episode of Dora the Explorer (thank you Netflix on Demand for offering old kids shows for free!). I say whatever gets things moving for him is fine by me. Today during Dora time, I stumbled upon this....
Look at that sweet little face, exhausted from a long day of learning and playing. Since we are pretty strict about bedtime routine (everyone goes to bed on their own in their own bed)....I very rarely get to watch her sleeping face.
Check out those pouty lips.
She woke up about 10 minutes later all disoreinted....I'm cold, why am I in the living room, why is Dora OVER?


phasejumper said...

Awww! Baby B has never once fallen asleep anywhere but his bed....that I can remember anyway!

Love, Strength, Hope said...

Adorable and so so so sweet.
If you want to e-mail the original, I will crop the last one and turn it into a b&w. (you might have photoshop)

So sweet!