Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Practice Practice

Tessa's been trying to master a couple of playing computer games by herself. There are many on that are age appropriate for her. For a long time Jeremy would play with her, but nowadays she likes to try herself.

Luckily, Charley is happy to just sit alongside and watch. Most of the games are some kind of sorting and mastery of the mouse by matching or choosing things in answer to questions ( on the shoe that is blue). She is actually really good with the mouse.

Jeremy said he thought that in this generation, kids will be expected to have a good handle on some computer skills by age 4. Crazy right? But I guess we can check that off the list.

We've also been working on her name. Her teacher at preschool said by the time they move up to the pre-K class they should be able to write their name and use scissors well.

I don't know if it's normal or not but Tessa can't seem to master her name. She'll write a T in one corner of the page, and a couple SS's in another corner. Writing in a line and in order totally escapes her.

So I printed some tracing pages from kidzone. I printed 10 copies so we can do one every day and just keep drilling it. I made some for Rachel too, but she breezed right through them no problem.
Coloring in the lines, well that may simply be asking too much.


Love, Strength, Hope said...

The sprawled out letters of her name are completely normal! Her actual execution of the letter is fantastic (much better than my 11 year old son's! LOL!!)

I still love her haircut -- so shiney and healthy looking!

phasejumper said...

W loves computer games, too! They have some cute educational ones at

Totally normal. If you follow the words with you finger when you read to her, that will help with tracking (words left to right in order).

You could also print off one copy of her writing page (confessions of a homeschooler has some good ones, too.) and put it in a page protector that way she can use dry erase markers to write her name and you can save ink-just wipe off with a tissue and reuse the next time!