Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jessie Was Here

Jeremy's sister (and blog regular) Jessie decided to join us for a long Easter weekend. She was here for Easter last year as well and I think it was Mamaw's ham and German potato salad that may have enticed her to return.

While Jessie was here, we:
-- Ate alot of food
-- Shopped for a birthday present for Tessa (who settled on a Cinderella carriage)
-- Went to water aerobics at the gym
-- Ate brunch at Sophia's and headed to the children's museum
-- Shopped at Goodwill and made silk eggs!
-- Made mozzarella cheese
-- Played Rockband
-- Put Jessie in charge of getting the kids to church on time, since we were singing at the Easter service and had to be there way early. She did fine!
-- Went down to the farm and spent all of Easter Sunday eating, egg hunting, playing and snuggling kids.
--Played and played

Do I have pictures of all of these things? Um, no. I'm often neglectful with my camera when we're doing fun things with company. But I do have pics from the museum! And of course a whole gaggle of farm pictures from Mom that I will post later.


These are made out of jelly beans. How cool is that??

Jessie has a new name. Charley called her Annie (for Aunty) and sometimes couldn't remember so just pointed and said 'dat one!'. And sometimes the two blended together. Annie Dat One!!

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