Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday at the Farm 2011

Tessa ogling the peep cake, long before it was time to eat it.

We took our silk dyed eggs. They were complimented and then enjoyed.

Why the coon-skin hats? Mom had just been to Conner Prairie with her class, so she outfitted all the boys. Charley wore his most of the day.
Tessa's doing a ballet posed in the front in case you're wondering. And even though about half of them aren't looking...this is still a pretty good picture of the crew!

The menfolk did their job and hid eggs, then the kids hunted them!

This is a great picture of Tessa's Easter dress.

Somehow the kids all ended up on the pontoon to blow bubbles.

Jessie taught Charley how to sneak up on someone and scare them. His new favorite game!
Tessa decided that Mamaw's Easter basket made a better hat.

Just some spring scenery on the farm

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