Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Royal Wedding Party

On Friday we had a nice day celebrating the royal wedding. When someone heard our plans I was asked if I'm one of those people obsessed with the royals. Um, no. Definitely not. But I DO think seeing something like that on TV is a unique experience, especially since I was only 1 the last time it happened.

Plus sometimes when you stay home with the kids, you're just looking for a fun distraction and reason to do new things. Like make your own hats!

I made some tissue paper poms using Martha's guidance, and made hats out of paper plates and string.

And then let them go nuts!
This pink beauty was my hat for the day.

Adding sparkles over the sink.

Tessa's creation.

This one was for Jeremy. I was trying to make it sorta manly but that's almost impossible, given my materials.

The full Spring line of Bennington hats. The green and purple top hat on the left is Charley's creation, which he wore for all of 30 seconds.

The paper plate bonnets were alot easier to wear than the top hats, which didn't want to stay on. I think I need to work on my design.

After making hats we got all dressed up. Yes Charley is a pirate. What no pirates in London?

We read the bible passage on marriage (Mark 10:5-9), found England on a map, talked with British accents and invited all of Tessa's royal subjects to the living room.

Cinderella arrived in style just like Kate.

I had intended on making scones but couldn't find a scone mix at the store, and didn't know what the ingredients would be. This is where Jeremy says I could have used a smart phone. Yeah yeah. Anyway, I settled on lemon muffins which I then burnt.

I made the kids each a cup of tea and they licked the frosting off the burnt muffins.

I also bought the ingredient for Italian Wedding Soup, but well it just didn't happen on Friday. Sometime the best made plans, ya know...turn to crap. But we still had a great day.

Yesterday morning, Tessa had pictures for this year's dance recital. Here's a sneak peek!


Amanda said...

I have to say that your hats were just as lovely, if not more so, than the hats worn by the wedding guests. Seriously, did you see the Dr. Suessy looking ones and the insecty one worn by Posh spice!

If you ever want to make and decorate tiny hats (like for dolls or for place settings), my mom and I used to make them from styrofoam cups. Set the styrofoam cups upside down (large side down) on a cookie sheet and stick into a 300 degree oven. Watch them and they will sort of "shrivel" down and then you can pull them out and decorate them with ribbons and feathers and paint and use them for dolls. It stinks, but has a very neat result if you are creative!

phasejumper said...

Love that Jeremy wore his hat and that you talked with accents!! The hats turned out really cute!