Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Nothing like being sick on what is supposed to be 'your' day. But it wasn't too bad. There was lots of napping and laziness, so I can't complain too much.

I knew I had a raging sinus infection and needed antibiotics, but before I headed to the doc's I had to stop by to see Tessa sing in the Mother's Day performance at church. This isn't our church, but the one where she does preschool. Much much bigger than ours.

I couldn't help but laugh at their automated self check in kiosks in the nursery area. I felt like I was at the airport! But really, it's an awesome facility and we LOVE love the preschool.

This top picture comes from being tagged on facebook. A much better picture than the couple that we got. Gotta love the beauty of facebook!
They were so cute. They recited a verse and sang a couple songs. Tessa knew it all!
I stayed long enough to hear her sing and cough and snot all over the place (Those were tears from illness I swear. I wasn't crying at my kid onstage...that would be so cheesy. Sniff sniff.) Then I took off an headed for urgent care.

Urgent care is closed on Mother's Day for a holiday, did you know that? So I'd like to thank the fine doctor at the Walgreens Take Care clinic. She was very nice and fast and said yup, I had a sinus infection and needed antibiotics. No big shocker.

After the church service was over, Jeremy and the kids headed down south to celebrate Mother's Day as well as Andy and Bob's simultaneous birthdays. I headed home to the couch. They had a great time and I watched a couple movies. Win win.

I knew Jeremy hadn't gotten me a present so I took care of myself and got this bad boy...
A big ol' ceramic drink thingy for iced tea. Jeremy asked me to start making iced tea in something other than the plastic pitcher, for fear of the hot water mixed with melting plastics infecting our bodies with flesh eating bacteria...or something. So I got a big ceramic thingy! With a spicket!

Stay tuned for any good pictures that might exist from the birthday party....our resident photographer is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

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