Monday, May 09, 2011

A Lefty Perhaps?

We may have a lefty in our midst. MAY being the operative word, cause it's hard to tell at this age.

Tessa's been a little behind on her cutting a tracing skills. Nothing worrisome, but she just cannot get the hang of using scissors in particular. Well today, Tessa's teacher said that she had done all of today's tracing with her left hand instead of her right, and had done really well.

She suggested with try left handed scissors and see if she does better. Huh? A lefty? How could I not have noticed??'s where the illogical Mommy guilt sets in. The part where I feel super guilty for not noticing sooner and setting her on the right track for cutting a long time ago. The part where I feel stupid about the previous guilt I had felt about not practicing scissoring enough. And the inevitable she DELAYED in some way compared to her other classmates?!?

You can see how that is a vicious cycle. It lasted about 5 min.

Actually I had noticed her trying to write with her left hand last week, and I just simply told her...oh honey remember how you're supposed to hold a pen? She switched hands tried to position it correctly in her fingers. Like dis Mama? Sorry, honey, sometimes we Mommies are a little slow.

So we are in the market for some Fiskar safety scissors. Apparently they are made to be used by either hand, imagine that.

I'm anxious to try doing some left handed stuff and see how she does.

And admittedly, coming from long line of all (or mostly?) righties, my second thought after the guilt was....does that mean she'll be super smart?? I'm an idiot, I know. You got me on two counts.

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Jacqueline said...

We had it REALLY easy with Zach... from almost the very moment he started playing w/ things, it was completely obvious that he was a lefty - especially eating - he always grabbed with his left, and then held utensils with his left. If we made the mistake of giving him something to his right side, he'd give us a 'look' and switch to the left! LOL! But as a teacher, I know I had students who were STILL unsure!! So, it just depends on the kid... don't feel bad! What I'm having a hard time with is handwriting for a lefty... not sure how to teach him without demonstrating!! :)