Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sickos Eating Cookies

Ugh, sickness. Sickness AGAIN. Remember when I used to brag about how my kids never got sick and had never been on antibiotics? Yeah, one of you should have smacked me.

At the moment all FOUR of us are on antibiotics. I have the tail end of a sinus infection, Jeremy and Tessa share the same throat infection, and Charley has infected ears.

It seems like we've been sick since like February. Not all of us at once, and not the same person repeatedly. We've mastered the art of taking turns. Poor Charley is on his third antibiotic in three months, which I hate. I'm the only one who regularly takes probiotic supplements, but I think maybe it's time to start a regiment for the whole family.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why we are suddenly walking germ bombs over the past three months. The only two changes I can think of are seasonal allergies, and the kids regularly attending the LA Fitness childcare. Here's hoping that the gym is sanitizing well enough, 'cause a germ induced decline in exercise would be bad for Mama.

Anyway, the troops were feeling poopy tonight after dinner so I whipped up some chocolate chippers for dessert. I thought about making a cookie post but it's nothing spectacular. Just check the back of your Nestle package for directions.

Charley has had no appetite so I needed to bribe him with something tasty to take with his antibiotic. Mmmm....a steady diet of cookies, antibiotic and gatorade. The next supermodel diet regime?

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Anonymous said...

For being sick you guys look pretty good.