Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn in the Vineyard

This year's grapes have been harvested, crushed, gone through primary fermentation, strained and are now sitting it out for the long winter's wait in a 6 gallon glass carboy.

So now the leaves on the vine turn yellow and brown like so many other things do in October. In about a month we will trim almost all of the vines down and make some kind of art out them. In the past several years it's been giant crosses that were hung at our house, our church and a friend's living room. We are considering doing smaller ones this year so we can give them to more people.

When they are trimmed, we will then bury the base of the vines in a big heap of mulch to keep it warm for winter, and un-bury it in the spring.

Then do it all over again. 

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