Friday, October 25, 2013

Feeling Spidey

Tessa has been studying spiders all month in first grade and is officially both in love and obsessed with them. Fortunately for her, she had a visual display on spiders do at the end of the month. It could be a poster, pictures, a fake habitat or anything you want.

So while we were home today recovering from illness (and on fall break) we dug out a shoe box, some materials from the yard, glue and paint and went for it.

An old fashioned diorama.

They had to chose a spider type and Tessa chose blue tarantulas. Did you  know there was such a thing? Me neither.
Tarantulas build burrows instead of making webs. Didn't know that either. So we made a little burrow out of a red solo cup, some glue and dirt.

Another thing I didn't know before today was how to spell tarantula. See first grade projects are educational for everyone.

There's our blue tarantula in his burrow with some sand, rocks and other assorted leaves and such all provided by our yard. Gotta love free materials.

Well not totally free....we did buy all of those things aside from the leaves I guess.

I thought we'd be making blue tarantulas out of paper until Tessa told me she had some in her jar of toy spiders.....and I'll be damned, she did! Lucky for us they fit perfectly into our habitat.

Of course she then told me that that was the reason she CHOSE blue tarantulas, because she had some already. And of course I told her she was a genius.

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