Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Perfect School Morning

Last year when Tessa started Kindergarten, it took us at least several months to finally hone in on our morning routine. And now that we've got two kids going to school (well in the morning at least, since Charley only goes half-day)....we are a well oiled machine. 

You can call me anal and I don't mind it. I've been called that before. But I like our morning schedule to be the same every day almost down to the minute. The kids know what to expect and we have yet to run late to school. Also, since Jeremy is sometimes here in the morning and sometimes not, it's all manageable by myself. When he's here of course, even better. 

It's not always perfect but on a perfect day, it would look like this.....

6:40- Kid 'okay to wake' clock turns green, my alarm goes off loud enough to wake the dead.

6:45- The kids get to watch some morning PBS kids in our bed while I get dressed, do makeup and hair. (I'm a long time night bather, as are the kids)

7:10- I'm done getting ready and LOUDLY and obnoxiously sing "this is the day that the Lord has made" to rouse them out of our bed. They groan. Every day. 

7:15- Kids get dressed and I do their hair. I collect that day's laundry to take downstairs (yes I have a laundry schedule. I told you I was anal.)

7:30- Dogs get breakfast, then kids. When Jeremy's around he helps make breakfast. They also get gummy vitamins and allergy pills. 

7:35- I pack Tessa's lunchbox and Charley's snack, start laundry, do any dishes that are hanging around while they eat. We chat at the same time. 
7:45- Breakfast is done, kids brush teeth and get on shoes. 

7:50- We review Tessa's daily list of sight words several times (she gets quizzed on them first thing every day).  

8 am- Our the door and into the car!

8:10- Arrive at school drop off where I give them their daily pep talk (more on that later), and watch them walk into the building holding hands. I lament over how quickly my babies are growing up.  

8:30- I get to eat my breakfast!

I just re-read this and think I'll file this blog post under the 'nobody really cares' file. But hey, it's written now. Enjoy. 

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