Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Doodles

I'm not trying to sound boastful when I say that our family doesn't know how to be lazy. It's true we really don't. Part of that comes from just having a full schedule of activities but most of it comes by design since we like to do lots of things...have lots of hobbies, serve in many roles in our church and keep the kids plugged in with cool things to do.

I mean personally...I love a good day of TV watching and snack eating, but I live in a household of people who can't sit still so by default, neither can I.

Usually on Saturdays we sleep in a bit but Jeremy is often at the airport by 9am and Tessa at ballet by 10, then we fill our afternoon with assorted errands and chores. On Sundays it is very rare that one or both of the adults in our house isn't at church by 8am, rehearsing with the worship band or running the sound board.

But Sunday afternoons....ah Sunday afternoons. We nap, we watch movies, we rest. 

Sometimes we cook on Sunday, sometimes we don't. Today we enjoyed a rotisserie chicken courtesy of our local grocery store. And also the new super cool coloring book that Tessa and I picked up at the Children's Museum.

It's intricate and crazy and Tessa and I passed it back and forth while watching Hook.

Two interesting husband has never seen Hook and I have always held my writing utensil on the wrong finger, as evidenced by the picture. No use in changing that now, I'm an old dog. 

It took us a couple of hours to get just right and I actually really enjoyed it. It's kind of like art therapy. A coloring book for grownups!

Tomorrow we'll get back to the weekly grind of work, school, household duties, pilot lessons, hosting our small group, doctor appointments, exercise class, piano lessons, worship band rehearsal, chauffeuring, volunteering at school, gymnastics class and cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning. Oh wait, I guess I'm just referring to myself now? But for today...we colored.

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