Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Captain Daddy

 Last week Jeremy celebrated his birthday and we showed him a good time, family style.

 For reference....carrot cake is slightly less delicious when you top it with this much sugar and marshmallows. But hey, the artistic value can't be beat.

We took presented him with his cake, a card and his present. Then we took him out for sushi and to see the movie "Planes."

Jeremy's been working on getting his private pilot's license all summer and requested his own pair of aviation headphones as a gift. Apparently the alternative is paying money to rent them and also share someone else's ear germs. Plus, now he's official.

A couple of days after this, he passed his FAA written exam and now only has to complete a certain number of solo hours in order to get his license.

That means he will soon be flying in a plane alone. For real.

Then he will be an actual pilot. For real.

 I should be used to his risky death defying hobbies. I mean, he eats uni after all.

But honestly, as much as I make fun of him for suddlenly being an aviation geek or worry about his safety....I think it's pretty cool that he decided to randomly do something he's always wanted to do. Not everyone has the guts to do that.

Speaking of random hobbies, it's almost time to make wine at the Bennington winery. And come to think of it, maybe our future dream vineyard should include an airplane hanger. You know, as soon as we win the lottery.

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