Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seven Year Blogger Block

According to my Blogger dashboard, I haven't written in over two weeks which may be a new record for me. Also according the dashboard, I am about to hit the SEVENTH anniversary of this blog. It was started on 8/28/06.

You should go back through the archives sometime when you're bored, it's a wild ride.

My lack of of insightful blogging can be blamed on a few things....the ease of Facebook mobile uploads, working on my home business, and the fact that I don't own a computer to myself so I have to wait for Jeremy to be done working if I want to type something reallyreallyreallyfast.

Seriously, I'm a crazy fast typer. Using my iPad, however....I'm like an old lady with shaky skeletor fingers.

Also sometimes I wonder what else I have to say. It seems like things have changed a bit since when I first started blogging so long ago. People are so overloaded with pictures on facebook that they get tired of looking at them, and every stay at home Mommy seems to have a blog like mine on which they try to offer somewhat sage advice about how living with a toddler is like living in a frat house.

So I get blogger's block. But I'm still here. I won't give up.

See, look. Tessa lost a tooth! Two teeth in fact. That's important information!

Here are some other random facts about our life right now:

Tessa begged to take her training wheels off and hasn't ridden her bike since. 

Jeremy is getting closer and closer to getting his pilot's license and has a big exam at the end of this month sometime. One of these days he is going to be cleared to fly solo, and then I'm going to hide somewhere and pray.

Charley is addicted to the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and asks to watch it almost every day. 

The kids are still sharing a bed and switch the pillows every night so they can take turns sleeping by the window. If one has to get up and potty, they wake the other one and drag them along. They wake at the same time and go to bed at the same time. They are like a two person sleeping team. 

Hayden now takes doggy drugs for his bad heart and begs anytime someone is opening any prescription or vitamin bottle in the house because he thinks it means he gets a piece of cheese. 

Starbucks is starting pumpkin flavored beverages next weekend. It's fall. 

Tessa is getting ready to start her fifth year of dance and is now in the older class where they have to wear black leos, pink tights and their hair in a bun. The cute tutu days are over. 

Jess and Mike are coming next weekend! I'm not sure that Mike has ever visited the Midwest. I think he'll notice how cool it is here, especially when we take him down to the farm and go shooting. 

I've been updating my makeup supply with some fancier brands and spending too  much time at Sephora. I think my collection is now complete and I'm very happy with it. Urban Decay is where it's at.

I just remembered that I haven't yet consumed any caffeine today. Yup, that's about it for now. 


phasejumper said...

skeletor fingers, ha ha! I'm so glad you are going to keep up with the blog! I haven't updated my makeup in years, (that's right, cat eyes 4-EVA! ha ha) I'll have to get some tips!

Jersey Mama said...

You keep up with your blog better than I do with mine. I like reading about what you guys are doing. Cyber stalker, that's me. :) I can't even believe that our April '07 babies are first graders this year ...