Friday, August 09, 2013

Sous Chef

Tessa has expressed some interest in learning to cook. You know...really cook, not just stir up cookie dough for me. I think she's old enough to be safe so I told her she can help me cook dinner a couple of nights a week.

I reminded her that that meant as soon as she was done with homework I would put her to work instead of letting her watch TV. And she was okay with that. Apparently she's not as lazy as I am cause I would always choose the second option.

Tonight we had sloppy joes and she browned our ground turkey at the stove and added the sauce. Big time stuff for a six year old. And yes, she's wearing a nightgown and lipstick.

She's way ahead of me. I didn't learn to cook until I was like 22 years old and married. My  husband taught me and he's still a WAY better cook than I am. But I've come a long way, baby.

Charley helped helping Jeremy open the wine bottle and then smashing a bunch of peas into the counter. And that's why four year old boys aren't sous chefs.

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