Monday, September 23, 2013

Memories and Ice Creams

Everyone has sense memories. Those tastes, smells and sounds that automatically take you to a memory or feeling. They say that smell is the most powerful of the senses related to memories. Like I was saying the other how the odd combination of diesel fuel and chapstick brand chapstick automatically make me think of my Papaw.

And there's a million other ones I can't even think of right now. Not until I smell something, then it hits me. It's like it's tucked in a little hiding spot and your senses can very quickly and acutely jar it loose.

The other day I bought some ice cream bars because they were on sale and the kids were mega excited. What I didn't realize until I tasted it, however...was that it automatically without question makes me remember my Grampaw Sargent.

Grampaw with Tessa at 9 months old.

He always had them in his freezer. We would take the 4 hour long ride from our home to theirs several times a year and when we arrived, my brother and I would go straight to the freezer as our first order of business. Never anything crazy or different, just plain old ice cream bars....sugar free ones as he got older. And they were always always there.

Just like there have been iced oatmeal cookies in Mamaw's cookie jar every day of my entire life.


Grampaw passed away when Charley was about 6 weeks old, and sadly they never got to meet. But I think they would have liked each other. They have a lot in common....big smiles, warm hugs, and great taste in frozen treats.

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Eva said...

Happy 87th Birthday yesterday, Grandpa! For me, whenever I have CountryTime canned lemonade I think of Grandpa. Or smell freshly mowed grass, or taste superman ice cream. The list goes on and on :)