Saturday, September 07, 2013

Papaw Charley

Both kids had Grandparent's Day in their classroom this past week, on two separate days. Mom and Dad were both busy and not able to take off work, so we found ourselves grandparent-less. And honestly a little more notice from the school would have been helpful but they didn't give us much...maybe most grandparents are just hanging around with no plans, crocheting scarves? Not ours.None of them!

I didn't want the kids to be left out so I volunteered to be a classroom helper for K4, and then on Friday Charley and I had the permission from Tessa's teacher to act as Mamaw and Papaw at her event. No one even batted an eye that Tessa's Papaw was younger than her.

The K4 class sang a few songs, did an art project and showed us the excitement of a four year old's recess break.

The older elementary had a little chapel program about the importance of grandparents, toured the classrooms, did some art and allowed us to take the kids off campus for lunch.

The kids had written little books about one of their grandparents and Tessa chose Mom. My favorite excerpt was.  "From you I learned....not to run by the campfire". Great words of wisdom. She also made it well known that Mamaw shops a lot, always buys her things and loves to go to the mall. Also true.

This is Tessa's future husband from what I hear. Charley has already accepted him as brother in law.

Instead of going to some awesome restaurant for our lunch break, we chose the Super Target food court where Tessa enjoyed a personal pan pizza and icee. She was honestly blown away by the idea that you can eat at Target and then go shopping directly after.

A little bit of junk food and Target shopping never hurt. Especially when a new Junie B. Jones book and fall outfit is involved. And I know shopping is what Mamaw would have wanted.

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