Monday, January 27, 2014

Charley's 5th Birthday Yogurt Party

Today is Charley's 5th birthday but we've been celebrating all weekend. Friday night we went to the movies, then yesterday after church we went out to have his favorite lunch (chicken strips) and a party at our favorite frozen yogurt place.

We didn't bring a cake, just let everyone fill up a yogurt cup and make their own creations. Compared to some of our over the top parties of the past, man this was a breeze for Mom and Dad. 

Although we did miss Erin's amazing cake skills. But there will be more birthdays, not to someone's upcoming pilot's license. 

Every kid brought a wrapped book and we did a book exchange which seemed to be a big hit. There were a few presents for the birthday boy, including two light sabers from Mamaw and Papaw. He told me this morning that that was his favorite part.

That's the owner, Ella. Since Ella's is named after her she's kinda famous!

It was no coincidence that our Monster's Inc. decor matched the inside of Ella's. Just glad that they are so dang popular right now. Gotta love Mike Wazowski.

From us, Charley got this homemade Lego table and some Angry Bird bedsheets. He's a happy boy and I can't believe he's 5!

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