Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charley 4th Birthday- All the Rest

Well I've posted showing of Erin's train cake, Jeremy's train table, and the awesome track made out of painters tape. What's left is just pictures of everyone enjoying the party. It was a lot of fun. A relatively small crowd, and a perfect cold day to stay inside and play. Most importantly, Charley loved celebrating his birthday...and that makes it all worth it. 

Above you'll see our snacks in the 'freight yard'.  I quickly painted some small cardboard boxes set for recycling and glued Oreos on for wheels. I only decided to do this the day before but I'm glad I did...it was a cute touch. 

Note the Animal Car full of animal crackers, Lumber Car with pretzel rods, Train Wheel Car with Oreos and Coal Car with black licorice. For a healthy touch, there was also a broccoli forest and ranch lake.

We printed out a logo on parchment paper and stuck them around. The Service Station?...why, the bathroom of course. 

I made a little warning size about the hazards of toy trains. If you click the picture it will be big enough to read. And yes that is my foot x-ray. 

I made these pretty simply out of foam board, paint and duct tape. 

And everything after this is pretty self explanatory. Friends and family having a good time at the party. What a good day. 

They're all watching Charley's video here. 

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