Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charley's 4th Birthday- The Train Table

The train theme to Charley's birthday party all started with Jeremy. We had decided to move Charley up to a full size bed, when Jeremy was able to haggle an almost free mattress from Value City when they screwed up our couch order. Silver lining indeed.

One we were settled on a full size mattress, Jeremy got working on specs to build an electric train table that was low enough to slide under his bed when he's not playing with it.

And well we all know Jeremy....he went overboard.

I asked him for a proper description for the blog, so that I don't get it wrong. It went something like this.

A 55x58 inch piece of plywood treated and covered with green grass carpet, with carpet sliders on the bottom for easy rolling. The track is MTH brand designed in a pretzel shape with an extra loop, O guage with MTH and Lionel brand train cars. The transformer is a vintage Lionel one that was restored an purchased online. The control box all hand made and wired by Jeremy.

It's pretty darn cool. 

Everyone thought so. Most of the party was simply spent playing with the train. Who needs pinatas? 

In lieu of gifts, we asked everyone to bring something less than 6 inches to contribute to the train village. People brought trees, animals, little people and buildings. It's all perfect!

One of my favorites is a bird feeder from my cousin Kelly that looks like a camper and fits perfect into the town. I love the creativity! 

Rafe even brought Charley a couple of trains from his childhood and they still work. What a sweet contribution. 

At the end of the day, Jeremy is very proud of his work and everyone really enjoyed the theme. The best part is that he can continue to play with this and add to it for years to come.....oh and Charley liked it too. 

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