Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fun with Soap

Did you know that if you microwave one bar of Ivory soap for 1.5 minutes, it turns into a big blob-ulous soap cloud? It's true. I don't know why it works and why it has to be Ivory, but it does.

I should have take a picture of it in the microwave. It was awesome. Even Jeremy was impressed with our science experiment, and that's saying something. 

The cloud deflates pretty quickly and then becomes crumbly and powdery.  The kids had a lot of fun ripping it to shreds and smashing it up.

Once it was like powder, I put in in the Cuisinart with a bit of water to moisten it up. Then it had a dough like texture. Once they had their soap dough with a splash of food coloring, the kids molded it into cookie cutters.

They almost look like cookies don't they? But now the kids have their own hand- formed soaps to bathe with, which they think is pretty cool (and WAY cheaper than buying special soaps). All of these came from one cheapo 3-pack of Ivory.

Oooh I just had an idea to add essential oils next time, being that we have a whole apothecary stock. Lavender Ivory would smell pretty nice. 

I'm not going to lie, this was a messy experiment. There was soap dust everywhere, but at least it swept up easily. Lots of fun. I think we'll do it again next time we need soap bars.

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Jersey Mama said...

this is an amazing idea! We are sooooo doing this!